Systematic Theology

As part of our Summer Discipleship Series, Dr. Garrett Starr taught this ten week series on Systematic Theology. This is an introductory study of some of the primary doctrines of the Christian faith. Below you will find both a link to download the Student Book in PDF format and the individual links to the teaching videos. While the material is copyrighted, their free use is allowed for all churches, Bible studies, and small groups. We hope that you find these materials useful in your ministry to the Body of Christ.

1. Prolegomena & the Doctrine of the Word of God (Bibliology – Pt. 1)
2. The Doctrine of the Word of God (Bibliology – Pt. 2)
3. The Doctrine of God (Theology)
4. The Doctrine of Christ (Christology)
5. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology)
6. The Doctrine of the Trinity
7. The Doctrine of Man (Anthropology)
8. The Doctrine of Sin (Hamartiology)
9. The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology)
10. The Doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology)

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