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Kaiserslautern, Germany

Germany is an international hotspot of the sex industry. According to the Global Slavery Index, 150,000 people in Germany are currently living in forced prostitution and sexual exploitation. We are convinced that this injustice must end, and every single victim deserves the chance to start a new life in freedom. In God’s eyes, everyone is infinitely valuable.

“Kainos” [καινός] is a Greek word that means “completely new.” This is the hope of Kainos for women in prostitution: with confidence, hope, and a belief in the living God, they boldly step into a new life.

  • Prevention – Real, lasting change is only possible if we all stand together and work for an end to human trafficking and forced prostitution. The first step is understanding the extent of the problem and the necessary steps to change it. That’s why Kainos brings education to our community through churches, schools, and more. They carry out the Love Without Force program in local schools and teach about the loverboy method, a common trafficking tactic, and help young people understand the dangers of human trafficking.
  • Intervention – Brothels and clubs are the focal points of the sex industry. These places allow pimps and traffickers to hide victims of forced prostitution in plain sight. The intervention teams regularly visit the women in the brothels and clubs to bring them small gifts, build relationships and trust, and convey a message of hope through Christ. Many of the women met are full of fear and see no hope for a better life. They are greeted with compassion and shown the opportunity for a new life of freedom.
  • Rehabilitation – Through Kainos’ home and training center, a safe environment is offered for women who have left forced prostitution to take steps toward a life in freedom. Through psychological care and healthy relationships, they work through their past and build trust. As part of the educational program, they are offered the opportunity to learn the German language and prepare for their professional life. This will enable the women to live independently, financially self-sufficient, and with self-confidence in the future. Kainos has a desire is to pass on God’s love to the women they work with, and they are invited to experience new life with Jesus.


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Sunday 10:30 a.m. Worship Service

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