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The focus of Andrei and Natasha’s ministry is to local business people and teachers for the purpose of evangelism and follow up discipleship for those who profess faith in Jesus Christ.

Meetings and programs are used as pre-evangelistic events. They provide breakfasts for business people, with focus on professional, personal, and spiritual growth. After the breakfast, those in attendance are invited for more coaching and the Gospel is shared in a more relaxed atmosphere.

In addition, they do a Myers Briggs Seminar for business professionals in their corporate offices. Here too the Gospel is shared with those who have an interest in spiritual truth. Christmas and Easter retreats also provide the same opportunities for evangelism.

The purpose of all these events is to enter new places of business and education, meet new business people and teachers for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, and then invest in those who show an interest in following Christ.

After a person believes, we employ a one-on-one discipleship program for business people, as well as group discipleship programs for teachers. This involves focused Bible study beginning with the Gospel of John. The goal is to help people grow in their faith, to find a local church to join, and to learn how to be salt and light in their workplace.

We also work with refugees from Ukraine. There were about 600,000 Ukrainians that entered Moldova beginning in February, 2022. About 80,000 are still there. Andrei and Natasha and their missions team opened a refugee center. More then 2,500 people have had a chance to stay there. There are 60 beds, and refugees are provided with lodging, food, and spiritual support. Half day kids’ clubs meetings are taking place, as well as meetings for mothers five days every week.

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